5 points to know about a great seat on your flight

Getting a good seat on an airplane can determine how comfortably your entire flight will be. Read through this list o’ 5   to know 5 things about that perfect seat for yourself on your next flight.

  1. Confirm your seats well in advance: If your trip is planned well in advance, you are in luck. Just manage your booking through your airline’s website and select a seat for yourself. The options are wide open for you to choose from!;
  2. The 2-seater: The rows towards the tail of the plane mostly have two seats in the rows by the edges of the plane. Landing yourself one seat of these two seats is beneficial if in case you (if you are in the window seat) want to visit the loo or stretch your legs with a walk down the aisle (the fewer passengers who have to get up for you to move out, the better). If you are in the aisle seat in from these two seats, you have to get up for fewer times as compared to having more passengers to get up for in your row;
  3. The last 3 2-seater: This is not a typo. What this point highlights are the two seats in the last 3 rows of the plane (towards the tail) have some extra space between the window seat and the walls of the plane. This gives you some extra room to either tuck your pillow/blanket (which are sometimes too much to handle with limited space to move around in or limited storage space), or you can stretch your legs further in to such similar extra space near the seat of the guy in front of you;
  4. The 1st row: First rows in the economy section have plenty of leg room. Some airlines have now started charging extra for such seats to passengers. If your airline provides them for free, GO FOR IT! If they charge a nominal charge, GO FOR IT! These seats have really good legroom, and you don’t even have to disturb anyone if you want to use the loo (the legroom is mostly enough for you to move out without asking the people in the aisle seats to get up);
  5. Not over or near the wing: Seats over or near the wing may spoil your flight’s experience for a few reasons. If you are fond of looking out the window while flying high above the clouds or during landing/takeoff, then the wing can obstruct your view. Also, disturbance from the wing mechanism is most for the passengers sitting above the wings (especially during takeoff and landing).

Enjoy your flight, and thank you for reading!

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