5 points to know about when making grocery shopping lists

Grocery shopping lists are very useful, especially for those who are busy and have hectic schedules. This list o’ 5 gives pointers to make grocery shopping lists much more helpful and productive for your future supermarket visits. And they won’t take much time as well, which is the best thing about this list o’ 5. Read through it to know more.

  1. Keeping it dynamic: Dynamic lists help you to add (and delete) items from them when things are thought of (and subsequently delete when they are purchased). Doing so will give you time to make your purchases whenever you come across relevant stores/markets. You won’t need to carry around different lists for different categories of items (like fresh fruits, dairy, etc)
  2. Highlight those that you have coupons for: Coupons for grocery items are a wonderful way to save your money. When you receive such coupons, whether in mail or through flyers while passing by relevant stores, keep them organised and highlight/underline items in your dynamic grocery lists so that you know better to keep them handy when you go grocery shopping;
  3. Note down best places for the items on your list: If you are a bargain hunter (besides storing coupons, etc), then you would be visiting several places to shop for different items. Or if not that, then you may be scouting for best quality items from several places. After all, some farmers markets may have excellent potatoes while some farmers markets may have beautiful carrots. So besides the items on your list, put down the best places to buy your items from;
  4. Note down the quantities: The more specific you are, the easier and quicker will be your grocery shopping. The required weight of your fruits and vegetables, number of cookie boxes, etc shall make you focussed and quicken your grocery shopping;
  5. Plan your trip: Some items may be found easily close to your workplace, while some may need you to go some distance. List down details like ‘fresh bread: buy after work from bakery in same building’. This way, you will not forget about buying certain items to/from your way to work/from work, or when travelling elsewhere locally.

Enjoy your shopping, and thank you for reading!

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