5 steps to choose the best place to go out with friends

Going out with friends can be a big event for some people. Especially if those friends are finicky about the places they feel are permissible to match their reputation/lifestyle. Read the list o’ 5   to know the 5 steps to choose the best place to go out with friends.

  1. Know which friends are going to turn up: Confirm the attendance of all those who are going to be going out with you. Getting a confirmed headcount to start with makes things a lot easier, because some places may have a minimum headcount to enter/experience the places’ offerings;
  2. Know the likes/dislikes of friends who are confirmed to turn up: Some friends may want to just kick back and have a good time with everyone present, whilst some may want to go crazy on the dance floor. Some may also want to try out experiential places (like a dark-restaurant where no one can see anything, so food can be enjoyed purely for its taste). Cuisine preferences are also different for different people, so know the likes/dislikes of all who are going to attend to avoid any frowns later from anyone;
  3. Ask the acceptable budget by everyone: Things can take a disappointing turn when the bill for an evening out with friends turns up. Some may not be willing to pay huge bills, and may end up paying lesser than everyone’s individual share in protest. Make sure that the acceptable budget range is known;
  4. Location requirements/restrictions: Get to know the requirements or restrictions of the place you will be narrowing down on. Some places may have a dress code, whilst some may have minimum age requirements. Some may charge a cover fee, whilst some may allow you to bring your own drinks. Some friend being turned away because he is not wearing a coat at the gate of a high end restaurant may not be a memorable situation…
  5. Location, location, location!: Whilst choosing a place, the location of the place should be conveniently accessible to all. So, make sure that all attendees will be able to make it, and make it on time. Once a place has been narrowed down, send the directions to that place to everyone, along with the contact details of the person who would coordinate with someone about anything that may come up.

Enjoy your outing with your friends, and thank you for reading!

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