5 things to be aware about after flying

So you have completed your flight journey. There are certain things you need to know in case any of the following points in this list o’ 5   apply to you.

  1. If your baggage is misplaced: This does not happen often, but it may happen to a few passengers from time to time. If this happens to you, do not panic. Most of the times, baggage is returned to its owner by the airline when they get it. When you realise that your luggage is misplaced, calmly go and report it to the airport staff. They shall try and track it in their system (if it was loaded on the plane from your departure destination, if it was loaded on the correct plane during your transit stop, etc). They shall get you to fill up some form(s) and take down your details (contact details, bag-tags, etc) and try and assure you as much as possible that your baggage shall be found;
  2. Leave your trolley(s) at their designated ‘return trolleys here’ stands: Not returning trolleys to their designated return stands leads to the trolley managers having to collect them from various places in and around the airport. It leads to wastage of time and resources, so its nice to be considerate and return them to their designated stands. Such stands are usually very accessible all around the airport;
  3. Claim your airline miles if you haven’t already: If you weren’t able to claim your flight miles before boarding your flight, you can do this up to 3-6 months after your flight as well. Do not forget to claim them, since they may be useful for you in the future;
  4. Leave some feedback: Airlines are grateful for the feedback they receive from passengers about their flights. Well, any organisation is grateful for feedback because then they know if they are doing something in the right manner or do they have to improve. Leave your feedback about your flight online on the airline’s website, or by filling up feedback forms that can be easily fetched from the airline staff;
  5. Transportation from the airport: Usually, most big airports have prepaid taxi counters where you just tell them your destination, and prepay at such counters for your cab ride. Head to the taxi stands, and show them your receipt and head to your destination. A lot of airports also have affordable public transportation to the town/city. Sometimes, public transportation is free for passengers, so save your boarding passes as you may have to show them to receive your free ticket(s);

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

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