5 things to do to prepare for an interview

Preparing for an interview can be tough, especially when you feel nervous at the drop of a hat. Go through the list o’ 5   for 5 points to be able to ensure you feel prepared before an interview.

  1. Believe in yourself: This is the 1st and the most important point, which is also considered to be the most important point by interviewers: belief in oneself. If you believe in your capabilities, the interviewer(s) will believe in you, and believe that you will be the person best suited for the role. No one is perfect, so even if you goof up whilst answering some questions during the interview, do not panic. The interviewer(s) know that candidates are nervous in such situations, which is why goofing up is considered to be normal. Just be confident and believe in yourself;
  2. Eliminate all thoughts of a negative outcome: No one can change your destiny but you. If you see a negative outcome in your destiny, that’s what you will receive. You may think of this as high-and-mighty words, but this is very true, for every situation, for every person. If you are fixated on being turned down for a job, you will be turned down for that job because you are silently wishing for it. The people who are successful at landing their dream jobs are able to do that because in their minds, in every cell of their body, they were very positive about the outcome of the interview: THEY WILL BE THE ONE SELECTED! Make that happen for you as well;
  3. Close your eyes and visualise the interview in detail: Start with the clothes you will be wearing. Now, remember these clothes, as these will be the clothes that you will NEED to wear during your interview. If you don’t own such clothes (that your mind visualised), then try and get them for yourself either by buying new ones, or borrowing from someone (no one would turn you down because they would know how important it is for you). Visualise your face, your eyes, your smiles, your answers, the face(s) of the interviewer(s), their eyes, smiles, questions, and their reactions to your answers (make sure their reactions are visualised as pleasant ones). Visualise details like the way you will be sitting on the chair, how you will sip water if and when it is offered to you. Do not visualise much about the decor of the office if you don’t know where the interview shall take place. This is because if you see that the interview room/place is not as you visualised, you may be disappointed. Visualise everything that YOU CAN CONTROL;
  4. On the day of the interview, pamper your appetite as per its signals: Different people react differently on the day of an interview. Some may be completely calm, whilst some may be hyperventilating. Its all completely normal. The important thing to care about is your appetite. Appetites play a big role in calming your nerves. If you are feeling like just having very light foods, obey that feeling. If your stomach is asking for a heavy meal, give it that. Why? Because during the interview, an appetite that has been disobeyed will definitely act up, and you do not want that happening. Throw all inhibitions/restrictions out of the window for that day, and obey your appetite;
  5. Knowing the interview location well: Make sure that you have checked the directions to the interview place well in advance. If you have time, scout the location in advance as well, to be able to see which mode of transportation shall be best on the day of the interview (maps on the internet and on the phone are not always 100% reliable because roads and transportation services are highly dynamic and change frequently). Make sure you reach the place well in advance to calm your nerves before the interview. An acceptable advance of 15 minutes is good, while 30 minutes is great.

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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