5 things to keep in mind when selecting a book to read when the mood to read strikes

Reading is pleasurable, and for some, it is like oxygen. Sometimes, though, picking something to read is tougher than choosing a friend to go have dinner with (pun intended. Not really). Read through this list o’ 5 to keep 5 things when deciding what to read.

  1. Clear your mind: Having a cluttered mind may lead to a choice that you may not be happy with once you start reading. So it is important that you clear your mind and get ready to pick a book, because you are going to be spending some hours to some days with it (some weeks if you read slowly or it is a big book), and you do not want to pick a book that you won’t end up liking;
  2. Decide if you want to stick to your regular, or try something new: A clear mind also opens up the possibility of trying something new, which is sometimes a great thing. That’s because something new may be a nice change. So decide if you want to stick to the same genre or try a new one;
  3. Being picky: As earlier said, you will spend quite some time with this book that you end up selecting. Now, from the narrowed down options (hopefully deciding on a genre would have helped you narrow, as per point 2), read through the book’s brief, the reviews, etc to know whether the book’s theme, subject, storyline resonates with you and your mindset in that moment;
  4. Flip through some pages quickly: Get a preview of the writing style of the book by flipping through the pages quickly. Flip to some random page(s), read the language, the writing style, the linearity of thoughts of the writer, and if it sits well with you, go for it;
  5. Decide between the type of copy of book: Now you have to choose between it being a hardback, soft-back or an ebook. It all depends on your preferred style of reading. Many people these days are resorting to ebooks because of the convenience to carry them around, but puritans still are preferring the great woody aroma of pages of a book…

Enjoy your read, and thank you for reading!

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