5 things to know about before buying a smartphone (for a list o’ 5 about regular mobile phones, go to this link: http://goo.gl/Ehm5p6)

Smartphones are great tools. Simply great. You can do almost everything a tablet or a computer can on smartphones today. They have made our lives easier to a great extent. Are you planning to buy a smartphone for yourself? Read through this list o’ 5 to know 5 points that you should keep in mind before buying a smartphone.

  1. Screen size: A major factor in buying a smartphone today is screensize. The bigger the screen size, the easier it will be for you to use your phone. Yes, the size of the phone will be an issue then (it may just be too big to stash it in your pockets);
  2. Battery life reviews: Smartphones drain batteries. It is a well known fact. Get to know reviews about battery life of several phones, and find out which phones have the longest battery lives. You would be relieved you looked into the battery life of a phone before you bought it;
  3. RAM: RAM is the Random Access Memory. It exists in computers, smartphones, etc. Without worrying about the technical side of this term, get to know what is your phone’s RAM. The higher the RAM, the faster will be your phone’s performance (they usually start at 512 MB, and go up to 4 GB. There may be phones with higher RAMs than 4GB);
  4. Operating System: There are 3 operating systems that dominate the smartphone market today (iOS, Android and Windows). Your choice will be dependent on several factors – availability of your favourite apps/games on that particular system’s app marketplace, your compatibility with one of these systems (some people may be very comfortable using iOS, whilst some may be comfortable using Android or Windows);
  5. Technical aspects: Do not let this point scare you. It is straightforward to understand this. Review the smartphones specifications, like processor used, processing speed, material of glass and body (some smartphones are made from scratch-proof glass), replace if mistake found, etc

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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