5 things to know about before buying something that’s on sale

  1. Check sale details: Get to know as many details as possible about the sale. These details may include the period/tenure of the sale, the couture that’s on sale (men or women if apparel is on sale), whether they allow returns if product not to your satisfaction (usually products sold during sale cannot be returned, so make sure you clear that) etc;
  2. Visit store if nearby to get a feel of the product: Some sales may seem very attractive when browsing online, but what if the product(s) on sale isn’t what you may like once you receive it? To avoid this from happening, visit a real brick-and-mortar store if there is one located near you. Get a feel of the product, try it in-store, ask any questions you may have to the storeperson(s) that may arise from the trial of the product, etc;
  3. Check raw materials used to make product: This is very important if you are buying apparels. Clothing stores usually put up items on sale that are made from cheap substitutes (polyester, etc), which may not suit your skin. Make sure you know the product composition to avoid feeling cheated/uncomfortable after purchase;
  4. Check size details if personal apparel: Different stores/brands have different size specifications for their products. A size ‘M’ may not be of the same fit from ‘brand A’ as compared to ‘brand B’. So make sure you understand the sizing specifications clearly before placing your order (read point 2 to completely be sure about this);
  5. Check shipping costs to make sure your final order price does not exceed your expectations (if buying online): Sometimes, shipping costs for an item may far exceed the price of the product(s) being purchased. This is especially true if buying lesser priced items on sale, where the shipping costs are mostly going to be higher than the price of the product(s).

Happy shopping, and thank you for reading!

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