5 things to know about before choosing a hosting provider

Now you have decided that you want a website/blog of your own, and you may have already purchased a domain name for yourself. The next step will be to choose a hosting provider for you. ‘Hosting’ means renting space on the World Wide Web to display your website/blog. There are several providers who provide hosting services, so read through this list o’ 5 to know 5 things that you should keep in mind before selecting a hosting provider for yourself.

  1. Cheap is not always good: There are a lot of hosting providers out there, which shall be evident to you when you may run a simple search on them online. There prices may differ greatly, with some offering hosting for pennies a day while others may offer it for more. Now remember this: cheap is not always good. Look through your available options and narrow down those that fulfil your requirements and the following 4 points;
  2. Reliability/Uptime of hosting services: Not all hosting providers may be reliable and ethical. What this means is that their hosting services could be unreliable and may cause disruption in displaying your website/blog on the internet. If there are hosting disruptions from your provider’s side, then when people try to access your website/blog, they may see an error or a blank page, and may never return to your website/blog again. You do not want that to happen, do you? For this, most trustworthy providers show their ‘uptime’ information on their home page, which simply means that their services are running for that much percentage of the total running time. Always look at this piece of information before signing a contract with a provider;
  3. Ethics of hosting provider: Sometimes, website/blog owners complain that their websites were completely taken down/erased during regular maintenance of their hosting services providers. Regular maintenance of systems is required, yes, but if someone’s assets/works are attached to such systems and during maintenance periods, such assets/works are taken down/permanently deleted, then that’s not a good thing. Ask your provider if such issues occur during their maintenance schedules (and if you are informed well in advance about maintenance periods), and if they do, do they take backups of websites during maintenance periods to safeguard customers’ work. Trustworthy providers usually provide such backup services to ensure uninterrupted runtime of their customers’ websites;
  4. Backup services: Now this point is different from the backup services briefly mentioned under point 3. This is the paid version of backup services. Most providers provide backup services for blogs/websites so that if something goes wrong (website is hacked, data is erased during maintenance, etc), then the blog/website customer always has backup which can be uploaded instantly for uninterrupted access by the customer’s blog/website visitors. See if your chosen provider has such services, and if you feel you need them and they are cost-effective, then go for this option;
  5. Tenure of service contract: Different providers have different minimum period requirements for their hosting services. Some have minimum contract tenure of a few months/1 year, some may have it for a few weeks/1 month, or some may have it on a day-to-day basis. Choose what you feel comfortable with. Most trusted providers also have money back guarantee if you inform them within the allowed timeframe of any dissatisfaction with their hosting services.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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