5 things to know about before flying

Flying these days can be an uncomfortable affair if adequate preparations are not made in advance. Read this list o’ 5   to ensure you are prepared for your flight(s).

  1. Ensure your ticket(s) is confirmed: Tickets bought from affiliate websites may not always be confirmed, so make sure you have received a confirmation email from the website/airline (it usually is received within 5 minutes to 24 hours of making the booking on the airline’s website or its affiliate’s website);
  2. Manage your booking: Log on to the airline with your reservation/ticket number (which you would have received in your ticket confirmation email/notification) and look for the options which you can change. Some standard options are: reserving your seats, choosing your meals, online check-in (usually only allowed 24-48 hours before flight departure), buy additional luggage, etc;
  3. Pack sensibly: Most airlines these days are very strict about baggage allowances. Make sure you know the correct baggage allowance, and the size/weight allowed onboard (hand baggage). If you go over your baggage allowance, you WILL be charged huge fees at the airport, or made to lighten the load. It is not worth the effort nor the money most of the times, so make sure you pack sensibly;
  4. BYOE – Bring Your Own Entertainment: A lot of times, airplanes may not have onboard entertainment (mostly for short or medium haul trips, or on budget carriers). Or the onboard entertainment may not be to your liking. To ensure you do not get bored (if you do not plan to sleep throughout the duration of the flight), then take along something to keep you occupied. Book(s), songs/movies on phone/tablet, headphones/earphones, playing cards (yes, some people end up playing cards with each other on flights), etc.;
  5. Dress comfortably and ensure you are well hydrated: No matter the duration of your flight, dressing comfortably will be a sensible thing to do. That’s because you don’t want to be uncomfortable and fidgety in case the seats are small for you, or you feel cramped up, or something similar. Also, make sure you are well hydrated, because flights do dehydrate you from within (dry throat, etc). So make sure you drink plenty of water/juices before you board!

Enjoy your flight, and thank you for reading!

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