5 things to know about before shaving

Shaving for men can be a tricky affair sometimes, and there are some things you should keep in mind before starting to shave. Read this list o’ 5   to know what those 5 things are.

  1. Wash face thoroughly: It is very important that you wash your face thoroughly. An unwashed face may lead to impurities seeping in through pores that open up after shaving. So make sure your face is thoroughly washed with a face-wash/soap;
  2. Use hot towel or take a hot shower: Doing this makes your skin soft and supple, which then makes it easy to shave. Professional barbers do this for every client, and you can do that for yourself. A hot shower works in the same way as dabbing your face with a hot towel. The shower maybe a better option because it cleans your face at the same time;
  3. Clean shaving-blade and razor thoroughly in running water: It is important that you clean your blade and razor thoroughly because there may still be skin/hair residue from your last shaving session. You can clean your apparatus thoroughly by splashing it rapidly in a glass of water, or scrubbing it under running water (be careful while scrubbing it, because if done incorrectly, it may scratch the skin on your fingers);
  4. Apply gel/foam generously: To ensure a smooth shave, apply gel/foam generously. The foam/gel moisturizes your skin and smoothens it to give you a smooth shave. You may read a natural substitute as well. There are many natural options that can be used as substitutes to gels/foams. A quick online search will show you promising results;
  5. Shave away!: Start your shaving nice and slow. A very good idea here is to shave in the upward direction to ensure your skin does not sag earlier than normal when you start aging in the coming years. Keep that in mind!

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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