5 things to know about before starting a website/blog

Starting your own website/blog could be something you may have had in your mind for a while. Now this can be interesting and rewarding, but you need to keep a few things in mind before you embark upon this adventure. Read through this list o’ 5   to get to know 5 things that should be kept in mind before you start your own website/blog.

  1. Truly WANT it: Starting your own website/blog is something that you may feel could bring you great riches. While this can be true to a great extent, know this: you will have to put in some effort to get there. If you aren’t willing to put in an effort, then you may not be able to make it as a successful website owner/blogger. So make sure that you truly want it;
  2. Know the competition: If there are similar websites/blogs existing, check them out. Check them out well. Do not let the existence of competition discourage you. There are a lot of competitive companies/businesses out there, who, in spite of strong competition still do really well. It all depends on how much of an effort you put in, and how you execute your efforts;
  3. Know the market/audience: Check to see if there could be a demand for your website/blog. If you come across competition after searching for it from reading point 2 above, then that’s a start. That’s because you will get to know about the audience/market from that website’s traffic flow/website interactions. See if there’s a demand that can still be catered to;
  4. Guesstimate the value of what you have to offer: Think about how much value you will be able to bring for people if you start your website/blog. Will you be enlightening people with your words of wisdom, or will you be providing people something to make their day better? Does what you have to offer have value for others? If your website/blog can provide value to people, go ahead with your idea. If you feel it does not, you may want to get back to the conception stage then;
  5. Know the technical side of things: While recent advancements in the online realm has made starting websites/blogs very easy, it still pays to understand the technical side of things. You can quickly create a website/blog from websites like WordPress, Blogger, etc, but did you know you have to rent hosting space (read post here for list o’ 5  before choosing hosting provider), buy a domain name (read post here for list o’ 5   before buying domain name), market your website/blog online and may be offline, etc? There are many more things involved, so make sure you understand them well before starting your own website/blog.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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