5 things to know about while flying in a commercial airline

Air travel is fascinating, but to ensure you enjoy your flight, read this list o’ 5   to know about the things to have a smooth flight.

  1. Don’t be a hog!: Airplanes can be cramped these days. The seats in economy class have shared armrests, much to the dismay of both the passengers on either side of an armrest. Usually there’s a silent mutual understanding between both the passengers about sharing the armrest, that is, one passenger on either side may use it for some time, and then, he/she may give it up after some time for the other person to use it. Just do not end up hogging it for the entire flight – that’s just plain wrong and inconsiderate of you;
  2. Cabin crew are human beings too: Airhostesses and stewards are human beings, and sadly, this fact is forgotten by some passengers. They feel entitled for constant service, making the poor crew walk up and down the aisle fulfilling their demands. If you feel you need something often, walk up to the pantry area (where the cabin crew readies up meal plates and fill water-glass refills) and politely request them to give you what you may want. They would be much happier to serve you!
  3. Someone may be in the seats in front of or behind you: Kicking the seat in front of you or pushing your seat behind suddenly may disturb the passengers in front of or behind you. If you want to push your seat behind for a comfortable seating position, then turn behind and ask the passenger behind you if you can do that. Of course he may not say to you, but he will be happy that you were considerate enough to ask him for permission. Also, keep the volume in your headphones/earphones low, since loud volumes can often be heard by nearby passengers, which may disturb them. To get a great seat, read this post: http://goo.gl/5pRcWt;
  4. Shut the windows/lights if the cabin lights have been turned off: Cabin lights are turned off for a reason – to allow passengers to feel relaxed. And then, if you leave your window open with the sun shining bright from your side of the plane, then you are just causing discomfort to your fellow passengers. So shut those windows when the sun is bright in the horizon. Also, reading lights may disturb the passengers in your immediate vicinity. If it’s not absolutely necessary, then turn off your reading light!
  5. Be considerate of others when walking up and down the aisle: Dashing into other passengers whilst walking up and down the aisle isn’t something anyone should do, even if not on purpose. Always walk carefully making sure you do not bump into other passengers sitting in the aisle seats. Some may be sleeping…

Enjoy your flight, and thank you for reading!

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