5 things to know about while you are on a road trip

Road trips are fun. Sometimes a lot of fun. You can read about things to know before going on a road trip here: http://goo.gl/GTz1wx. For 5 things to know about while you are on a road trip, go through this list o’ 5  .

  1. Do not starve yourself: It is important that you keep yourself well-fed during your road trip. Keeping yourself hungry may lead to you feeling irritated, and some gassy issues, which may not be in the best interests of fellow passengers who may be with you in the same vehicle. So make sure you eat an appropriate amount of food as per your preferences;
  2. Do not binge: Public restrooms/toilets may not always be easily accessible. So make sure you do not binge when at a food-stop. Over-eating can be as problematic as under-eating. Eating just the right amount to satisfy your appetite will be a smart idea;
  3. Be tolerant: If you have your friends/family accompanying you, be tolerant of any quirks that they may have. Everyone’s unique, and it may so be that someone else’s choices may not always match with yours. If differences arise, be the bigger person and let go instead of frowning and ruining the vibes. That’s because such frowning behaviour shall ruin not just your trip but everyone else’s;
  4. Take adequate rest, whether or not you are driving: Taking rest while away from home on road trips is important. You do not know what surprise is in store for you and your co-passengers. You may see a beautiful hilltop and may want to climb it, or you may see some pristine waterfalls and may want to cool yourselves under it. Such surprises do come up, and if you aren’t rested, you won’t be able to enjoy them to the fullest;
  5. Always fuel up at every passing fuel station: Fuel stations may be limited in number in some parts (better to check all available fuel stations in your trip beforehand), so it is a good idea to fill your car up any chance you get. Sometimes, fuel stations may be apart by really long distances. Do not take the ‘fuel station up ahead’ signs for granted as well. Some fuel stations may be undergoing maintenance, or may have closed down and the sign has not been updated. Also, it is a good idea to keep checking your tyre pressure at regular intervals, and do not overlook any engine signs that may show up on the dashboard.

Enjoy your trip, and thank you for reading!

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