5 things to know before waxing (for men)

Waxing for men can be a tricky affair, especially if there’s a lot of hair to be removed. Read this list o’ 5   for all the things to know about when sitting down for a waxing session (if you are a woman, please read this post: http://goo.gl/Tyu77B).

  1. Dry up: Dry yourself up. Better yet, take a shower, and then dry yourself up completely. Make sure of that, because sweaty/moist skin may make it difficult to wax;
  2. Calm your nerves and relax: This is very important, since if you aren’t calm, then your waxing session may end up becoming a painful affair. Make sure you are completely relaxed to get through it as easily as possible;
  3. If it’s your 1st time, USE A STRAIGHT RAZOR!: If it’s your 1st time waxing, and you have a lot of body hair, then shave using a straight razor. Not many waxing professionals will tell you that, but ask them to shave for your 1st time to ensure you don’t endure a lot of pain. You can wax the 2nd time onwards when the hair growth on you is minimal;
  4. Air-conditioning is highly recommended: When waxing, having an AC working in the background is highly recommended. This will ensure you do not sweat and remain relaxed and dry. If the place of the professional you are getting waxed from lacks an AC, then make sure they have a good fan to cool you down;
  5. Trust the professional: It is recommended that you ask a professional to do it for the first few times until your skin gets used to it (using a professional every time is highly recommended though). Trust your professional, because he/she will know how to wax you in the correct manner. It is not easy as it looks. It takes some effort to ensure that waxing is done well. So just relax, and let the professional do his/her job

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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