5 things to know before waxing (for women)

Most women start to remove their body hair under the guidance of their mothers/female friends/guardians. Some of the points are same as for men, but still, read this list o’ 5   for 5 things you need to know before waxing, in case you weren’t aware of them (if you are a man, please read this post: http://goo.gl/JfrrEN).

  1. Dry up: Starting with a shower and then drying up would be an ideal situation, but if not, then dry yourself up completely by dabbing yourself with a dry towel to ensure sweat/moistness does not tamper with a smooth waxing session;
  2. Relax: Ensuring that you are relaxed completely makes waxing sessions go by easily and quickly. Some may fear the quick ripping off of the wax strips, but there’s nothing to fear as after the first few times, you get used to it;
  3. Ready the wax and wax strips if waxing by yourself: Melt the wax for your session in a wax burner/boiler, or on the stove in a container you don’t cook often in. There are some different types of waxes that one can get from the market, so get the one you feel will suit your skin best (or ask the seller about which type shall be best for you). Same applies for wax strips, if that’s what you are using;
  4. Test wax temperature: Dip your fingertip slowly in the melted wax to test its temperature, or apply a very small amount on your arm. This is done to ensure that you are comfortable with the wax on your skin (shouldn’t burn your skin). If its still a bit rigid/hard, melt it for some more time;
  5. Get waxing!: Start waxing by gently applying the wax on your skin and taking it off with the wax strips!

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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