5 things to know to have a perfect movie night

Having a movie night for your own self, with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends? It isn’t always easy to organise them as it may seem. Read through this list o’ 5   to know some things you will have to keep in mind to organise a great movie night!

  1. Know who it is for: If it is just you, then things become a bit easy, but if it involves your girlfriend/boyfriend, or some friends, then you may have to put in some effort to be a great host/hostess. So make sure you know of everyone who will be there;
  2. Food arrangements: Once you know the attendees, know their food preferences. If someone prefers just vegan food, make sure you have some vegan items for him/her/them. Not tending to everyone’s food preferences may lead to those with unique preferences being left out of the fun. Also, always make sure there are plenty of munchies going around (popcorn, crackers, etc);
  3. Seating arrangements: If you are having quite a few attendees, ensure you have enough place to sit everyone comfortably. Having some friend sit on a makeshift seat (like a carton) may not be the best idea. This friend (using a makeshift seat) may end up being very uncomfortable and ruin the fun;
  4. Choice of movies: This usually needs some attention, even if it is just the couple. Choose a movie which everyone will be able to enjoy. For this, know the taste of your boyfriend/girlfriend/group of friends in advance to know what will be enjoyed. If you are a girl and you play a chick-flick, your boyfriend may not enjoy it entirely. If you are a guy and you play an action flick, your girlfriend may not enjoy the movie. The same goes if the group of friends has a mix of people with different preferences. So choose a movie that will be liked by all to ensure that everyone has fun;
  5. Keep it on the down low: Movie nights aren’t always wild/loud, but they do tend to be that way if the host/hostess has a loud home-theatre system. Blasting the speakers to the highest level may attract the ire of your neighbours, who may either come and ask you to keep it down, or may officially complain about the disturbance. You don’t want either of that to happen to you, so keep the volume to acceptable levels.

Enjoy your movie night, and thank you for reading!

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