5 things to know when choosing a place for a romantic date (men choosing a place to take their women on a date)

Choosing a great place is half-way to a well-enjoyed date by both the partners. A lot of things play a role in choosing the right place that will lead to a great time. Read through the following list o’ 5   for 5 points to know the things that a man needs to keep in mind when choosing a place for his date with his woman (if you are a woman and you need to choose a place for your date with your man, please read this post: http://goo.gl/ZdiaKM)

  1. Know the occasion: Understand the occasion that the two of you will be celebrating (anniversary, birthday, etc). If it is just a romantic date for no particular reason, it still is beneficial to know that. The choice of the place will be highly dependent on the occasion;
  2. Know the events leading up to your date: If it is not an impromptu date, then it is important that you know the events that have lead to the date. The week before the date may have been very, very hectic for your woman. Or she may have received great news at her workplace. Or there is some tension in your relationship in the few days leading up to your date. Knowing the events that ensue before a date shall help you understand what kind of a place you need to pick;
  3. Get information about any events happening around the town/city: If there is an art exhibit going on in the city, or a music performance at the beach, and your woman likes such events, then that place might be a good choice to impress her. She will realise that you care enough about her to seek information about such events, or you remember her preferences related to such events;
  4. Proximity to her place of work/residence: This point is important because after work, a woman may need to rush home to change/freshen up before the date. If the place chosen by you for the date is far away from her place of work/residence, then that may cause her inconvenience and some rushing around for her;
  5. Knowing your budget range: If you are the one who pays at dates (if your partner is okay with that), then choose a place that shall match your budget. A place being overpriced may lead to an awkward situation, and a very cheap place may also lead to some awkwardness. Being in the middle maybe a sensible option if budget is an influential factor in your dates.

Enjoy your date, and thank you for reading!

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