5 things to know when choosing a place for a romantic date (women choosing a place to take their men on a date)

Sometimes, a woman is asked to choose a place for a date and organise everything. Or it may be normal in some relationships for the partners to take chances in organising dates for both of them. Read this list o’ 5   to know the 5 points you need to keep in mind when choosing a place for a romantic date for you and your man (if you are a woman and you need to choose a place for your date with your man, please read this post: http://goo.gl/k2wLVZ).

  1. Know what your man wants: If he wants to spend time exclusively with you, then give him that. Do not involve any friends or couple-friends in the date and give him exclusive time with you. If he wants to spend some time with friends in the date, then don’t feel disappointed. Give him that too He may be missing out on some bonding with some of his dear friends from school/college/work, but still wants to spend time with you. In such a situation, a double date with mutual friends may help (or just his friend and his/her partner);
  2. Try to recall if he mentioned something recently about something he would have liked to do: Men tend to give suggestions about something they may like to do, which are mostly turned down by women because of them being bad choices (read: monster truck madness) or them being inconvenient (read: hiking/camping). This may be your chance to bring about a wide smile on your man’s face by arranging a date around something that he may have mentioned in the recent past;
  3. Be a sport: Arranging a date around a sport event may make your man really happy. Now this may be in the privacy of your home with you when he enjoys the event/match on TV, or it can be at a sport bar where he can mingle with other passionate fans of the sport. Giving him this will make him see you in a very favourable light;
  4. Making it about you, while still making him feel desired and the centre of attention: Sometimes, it may not be possible to arrange anything around your man’s fancies, or you may just want to do something around your preferences, BECAUSE YOU FEEL SO. That is completely understandable and acceptable (by your man), but make sure that he still feels its about him. For example, a bubble bath for both of you with aromatic candles and soothing music maybe what you truly want. You can definitely do that, but rewarding him with a scrub or a massage in the tub will make him feel that it was all for his sake. Get the point? 😉
  5. Take the place to him: Often, men end up disliking their place of work because they have spent long hours there causing them stress, or because of unpleasant situations at the office. Or it may just be the case that they don’t have any memorable memories related to their workplace. To make sure your man is not one to feel this way, take the date to his workplace (provided visitors are allowed at his workplace). Prepare a nice meal-box for him, lay it out for him, and enjoy the meal together accompanied by a nice conversation. This will create a pleasant memory for him related to his workplace, causing him to not dislike his workplace (or be indifferent to it).

Enjoy your date, and thank you for reading!

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