5 things to know when cooking for a date! (Men cooking for women)

Having a romantic date at home? Are you planning to cook for your date and woo her with your culinary skills? Well, read the following list o’ 5   for 5 points to keep in mind when doing that, so you ensure that you have a memorable date. (If you are a woman cooking for a man, please read this post: http://goo.gl/Jir1GY)

  1. Be real. Be honest. Keep it simple: Women are good at sensing when a man is not being his real self. Best thing to do here is be real. Nothing good can come out of pretences. Pretending to be an amazing cook will not be as beneficial as pretending to be a humble one. A simple meal for two may have a wonderful effect than a sumptuous meal which may be binned later (and may make you and your date feel really heavy and full);
  2. Know your date’s likes/dislikes: Not everyone may share the same taste as you. Since the date is most likely going to be focused on your woman, ensure that you know what makes her tastebuds drool. Anything her tastebuds may find unpleasant may end up ruining your mood, and eventually hers. So ensure you know your partner’s preferences well;
  3. Ensure sufficient and satisfactory preparation: If your cooking is all over the place and done in a hasty manner, it will show during the date. To ensure that everything falls perfectly in place, ensure that you are ready with all pre-preparations for your cooking, and know the process to cooking up the perfect meal well in advance;
  4. Completion of cooking is not the last step: You may have cooked the world’s best pasta, but a dirty kitchen counter and kitchen sink will turn off your woman as fast as a badly cooked meal. Make sure that after all the cooking is done, your kitchen area is neat and clean. Professional and passionate cooks respect cleanliness as much as they respect great taste;
  5. The eyes eat first: While setting up your meal for your date, make sure you manage to present your meal in a pleasant manner. The eyes eat before the mouth and the stomach. A well presented and served meal will surely cause butterflies to flutter in your date’s stomach.

Bon appétit, and thank you for reading!

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