5 things to know when cooking for a date! (Women cooking for men)

Cooking for your man for a date may make your man feel on top of the world. After all, don’t they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Read the list o’ 5   for 5 points that you need to be aware of when cooking for your man. (If you are a man cooking for a woman, please read this post: http://goo.gl/wSsvG4)

  1. It will still be about you: Even though you are cooking for your man to make him feel special, know this: the occasion will still be about you. He will feel completely honoured to know that you are cooking for him, and that will make you score a lot of brownie points. But please do not rub it in his face that you know this fact;
  2. Ensure his guilt-food is included in the menu: Many men avoid certain food items for several reasons, but the food item(s) that are avoided because they are too good to stop eating when offered are the ones that men would really love to see on the table in such occasions. Why? Because they feel that in such memorable situations, to enjoy their guilt-foods is acceptable, and after all, the person they are really fond of (you) is giving them permission to enjoy it;
  3. Make him see you in a different light: Men and food are a special bond. During their childhood, they are served delicious home food by their mothers/guardians, and the taste of such food is embedded in their minds for life. If you know his favourite food as a child, cook that for him if you are sending across a signal of taking a step further in your relationship. What this means is that if you cook him food like his mother/guardian did, then he will see you in an entirely different light, and may lead to a step further in your relationship (getting into a very committed relationship with a view to marriage).
  4. Build up to the occasion: Make him look forward to it by dropping hints about the food or how much he will enjoy the date. Make him think about it for some time before the actual date. That way, he will have something to daydream about to the time leading up the date;
  5. Again, it will still be about you: After you ensure a wonderfully cooked meal presented in a very pleasant manner, it will still be about you. Your appearance on the occasion is what he will first feast on – the delicious food will follow next. The way you dress up will play a big role in him enjoying the date to the maximum. Do not fret about this to a great extent. Just be yourself, look your beautiful self, and your man will be in awe of you the moment he lays eyes on you.

Enjoy your date, and thank you for reading!

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