5 things to know when dressing up for a date (for men)

Read this list o’ 5   to know what points to keep in mind when men are dressing up for dates (if you are a woman dressing up for a date, read this post: http://goo.gl/c4HBAk).

  1. Make an effort: Women enjoy a date to a great extent if they see that their man has made an effort to look great for their date. It makes them feel desired and appreciated;
  2. Tend to your facial hair as per her preferences: If she likes your facial hair, leave it on (but groom it neatly). If not, then be clean shaved. But tend to your facial hair as per her preferences. She will definitely appreciate that. If you do not know her preferences (assuming you do not know her that well), then keep your facial hair like the first day you met her. Why? Because first impressions are lasting impressions, and because she liked what she saw the first time, she may have agreed to go on this date with you;
  3. Keep it simple: Don’t go overboard to look something that you are not. Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear and accessorize yourself with (if you tend to accessorize yourself);
  4. Play it safe: Men do not always have the liberty of trying new things with their wardrobes as women. Its best for men to play it safe. A good looking suit, iron-pressed formals or smart casuals work best for dates;
  5. Clean up!: Make sure you clean up before your date. Showing up for your date when you haven’t showered for days is not the ideal situation. Take a shower, wear clean underwear and look your best (read point 1 again). She will surely appreciate all the efforts.

Enjoy your date, and thank you for reading!

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