5 things to know when dressing up for a date (for women)

Read the following list o’ 5   for 5 points to know what you should keep in mind when dressing up for dates (if you are a man dressing up for a date, read this post: http://goo.gl/9mVjUs).

  1. It will be you he will be admiring so give it your best: The woman would know that the moment the date was proposed (by either of the two). Make every effort to look your best, even though it may not be your first date. Looking good for your man is the best gift you can give to him, because after all, you are going on a date with him because he’s smitten by you and you know that. Pick up your best outfits, and you go girl!
  2. Know about the date in advance: If it’s a date at a fine dining restaurant, dress in a manner that is appropriate for a fine dining restaurant. If it’s a movie followed by lunch/dinner at a local bar-restaurant, then dress up in an appropriate manner. Your man may hesitate to share the details saying it’s a surprise, but just tell him you need to know what kind of attire you have to dress up in. A bit of nudging around will get him to reveal the details;
  3. Do not go overboard with makeup: Too much makeup leads to incorrect assumptions about your real beauty. Men wouldn’t enjoy being confused about such things, and thus, keeping makeup to a minimal to enhance your already natural beauty would be more than enough;
  4. Be yourself – he’s already in awe of you: If he wasn’t in awe of you, you won’t be going on a date with him. Since he’s already in awe, be yourself, because that’s who he is in awe of. Putting up pretences about someone you are not shall just make him not enjoy your date. So be yourself;
  5. Pick the right attire: Very revealing clothes may send the wrong message to him, which you may not be able to adhere to later (getting intimate), so pick your clothes appropriately. A safe bet would be to dress up in similar attire when he saw you for the first time. First impressions are always lasting, and since he already seems to like you (why would you be going on a date otherwise?), your attire from your first meeting may match his preferences;

Enjoy your date, and thank you for reading!

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