5 things to know when shopping for an interview

Job interviews are very important for every person. Making sure you feel and look your best on the day of the interview is very important. For things to do to prepare for an interview, please read this post (add link here). The following list o’ 5   has 5 things you will need to know when shopping for an interview.

  1. Offline shopping is better than online shopping: While shopping for an interview, offline shopping (visiting an actual brick-and-mortar store) is actually better than shopping online. Why? Because while shopping from an actual store, you get the feel of the item you are thinking of buying. You get to feel its texture, its colour on your skin, its match-ability with your clothes (or hair colour, eye colour, etc). You also are ensured of the perfect fit by trying out the store’s items;
  2. Make sure you are COMPLETELY comfortable in your desired clothes/accessories: Anything that you feel is out-of-place shall make you feel nervous and uncomfortable during the interview, which may not lead to the best outcome for you. So make sure that your entire ensemble makes you feel the best;
  3. Store assistants are there to assist YOU: When you are out shopping at real stores, store assistants are more than happy to assist you with all of your concerns. Ask for their help, do not feel shy. They are usually rewarded with a commission from the sales they generate by assisting you, so its a win-win situation for all. Do not let your shyness/awkwardness around people stop you from getting all the help you need to get the best for yourself;
  4. Check for sales and discount offers beforehand: Often, sales listed online may not be at the offline stores. It is better to call the store(s) you intend to visit beforehand to ensure that the items you have set your sights on are available in their stores, IN YOUR DESIRED SIZES/COLOURS. Do not waste your time otherwise and end up disappointed. There are a lot of options to choose from;
  5. Spend HAPPILY!: The money you will be spending while shopping for an interview is for a productive reason, so make sure you spend your money HAPPILY! If you feel regret or remorseful when you are paying for your purchases, the same feeling will be stuck in your mind and shall echo during the interview. You do not want to feel remorseful during your interview, so make sure your purchases are made with a happy mindset!

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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