5 things to remember before getting a new mobile phone service provider

Mobile phone service providers are seeing a huge surge in their subscription numbers in recent times, because of amazing usefulness that mobile phones are proving to have. But did you know you have to think about a few points before signing up for a mobile service provider? Read this list o’ 5 to know those points.

  1. Look around at available options: The most marketed option may not be the best option. Look out for all available options in your country/region/area. There always are a few options that may not be well marketed but may just be the perfect kind of mobile phone service for your needs;
  2. Now look within your social circle: See what your friends, family and colleagues are using. It serves 2 purposes. The first one is you will get unbiased reviews from them about prospective mobile service providers. If they are happy with their provider, they will be able to justify their reasons for being happy. If not, who better to warn you about a provider? Another reason is that many providers have cheap/free calls to your social circle on the same service provider. This will save you a lot of money in the long run;
  3. Understand your usage: Will you be using your phone service just for calling/texting (basic mobile phone services), or will you be using internet as well? Various providers focus greatly on providing cheap internet, but then, their calling/texting rates may be expensive. It may be the other way round for some other providers. Assess your own usage and look for suitable options from all the ones you found from points 1 and 2 above;
  4. Tenure of contract: If you plan to get a phone service contract (as compared to prepaid/pay-as-you-go), then look at the available tenure options from the ones you have narrowed down. The longer tenures may be cheaper, while the shorter tenures may be a good idea if you are not sure about the provider’s network coverage, customer service, etc.;
  5. Freebies/transfer reimbursements: Many providers may give you freebies with new service contracts. They may have phones and plan fees clubbed into affordable monthly payments as well. And because of intense competition, a lot of mobile service providers give cash/freebies to transfer to their network from competing networks. See if any providers in your region have such offers in store for you.

Happy talking, and thank you for reading!

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