5 steps to get out of a situation you are cornered in

We all get cornered often by friends/peers/family members. Sometimes these situations aren’t great, and can lead to some awkward moments. How can one get out of such situations? Read through this list o’ 5 to know 5 steps to get out of situations you are cornered in.

  1. Stay calm and maintain your cool: Panicking when you feel cornered in will only worsen the situation. You need to have your mind straight, and because panicking causes you to not think straight, it is better to avoid feeling stressed out. Also, maintain your cool. Losing your cool will also make you not think straight;
  2. Calmly listen to the other person for a few minutes: Genuinely and calmly listen to everything he/she has to say. Doing this will make the other person feel you aren’t trying to run away. This will make him/her go round in circles to try and delay what he/she wants to tell you/ask from you;
  3. Ask a few questions/make a few suggestions: Doing this will make the person(s) cornering you feel you are now intently listening to him/her, and that you are engrossed in what he/she has to tell you/ask of you. Making him/her feel this way will result in him/her focussing on the main reason for the cornering instead of ways to try and keep you;
  4. When the guard is down, attack!: Once he/she feels you are genuinely interested in what he/she has to say, he/she will start focussing on the main topic. When this happens (focus is taken away from ways to corner you to the current topic), you suddenly announce you have to be somewhere and that you just recalled that. You can do that by checking the time suddenly, or waving out to a friend/colleague nearby saying “Oh yes, I forgot. I am coming” and then start to excuse yourself gracefully;
  5. Be polite and leave in good taste: While you are now successfully excusing yourself, just mention something like “maybe we can continue this another time” or “it was nice talking to you” or “you have a great day now, okay?” and leave. Do not leave abruptly without sharing one of the greetings mentioned under this point. By doing so, the person(s) cornering you will not be disappointed/irritated and may think you genuinely heard him/her out (after all, if you weren’t genuine, why would you stand and listen to everything that was being said).

Good luck with your escape, and thank you for reading!

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