5 steps to get over a break-up (for men)

Break-ups can be devastating for some. Some may take quite some time to get over it, while some may get over it in the moment right after the break-up. And it is different for men and for women. This list o’ 5 has 5 steps that a man can take to get over his break-up (if you are a woman trying to get over your break-up, then please read this list: http://goo.gl/HjwIO7).

  1. Know this – it is not the end: This is the most important point. If you feel like it is the end of the world, then you are absolutely wrong. Planet Earth won’t stop spinning, the sun won’t stop shining, people won’t stop going to work, kids won’t stop going to school, so why should you stop going on with your life? Yes, it is understandable that you are feeling sad, and that is completely justified and understandable, but feeling that it is the end of the world is absolutely wrong. After you are done expressing a fair share of sadness, you better get back to life with added vigour to make up for lost time;
  2. Being reclusive for a bit is understandable as well, but to a limit: Your friends/peers/family will understand your need for solitude, and it is completely okay to isolate yourself for a short period. But do not allow this short period to extend into long stretches of time, because you are just postponing the arrival of better and happy things to come into your life. So after your alone time, get back on your feet and take on the world;
  3. Ask your friends for help: Close friends can be great company when you feel like doing some things to lift your spirits. Going bowling, catching a movie, or just kicking back over nice conversations are all great ideas. Engaging in such activities will definitely help in raising your spirits, and in the right manner;
  4. Take note of all missed opportunities: You may have missed out on some life-changing opportunities while you were seeing this person you just broke up with. They may be career related, friendship related, relationship related, etc. Think what would have blossomed if those weren’t missed opportunities. If you like some even today, pursue them. You never know what may come out of it;
  5. Believe that there’s something better in store: If this relationship didn’t work out, there may be another one that fate may have in store for you. Think about it as a learning experience than anything else. Holding a grudge about the end of this relationship will only cause more bitter feelings to seep in, delaying everything happy and wonderful to come to you.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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