5 things to keep in mind when buying toiletries

Toiletries are used by people on a daily basis (provided you maintain basic personal hygiene). But shopping for toiletries may not always be a straightforward affair. Read through this list o’ 5  to know the 5 things you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy yourself such products.

  1. Know yourself and your body: What kind of products suit your skin? Are you okay with using mild products, or are you okay with those that may be intensive in their performance? Know what suits your skin, and seek out such products when you are out shopping for toiletries. Most toiletries brands these days have different products (details specified on product packaging) for different types of skin, so make sure you read these details before purchasing such products;
  2. Know your preferred fragrance(s): You may be allergic to citrus smells without you ever realising that (you may not have come across citrus smells previously in life), or you may be allergic to the fragrance of pomegranate. It is important that you know your body’s (and hence your central nervous system’s) fragrance preferences before purchasing toiletries. If you are not sure, ask the storekeeper to provide you with a sample of that product to smell it (most stores keep samples/testers available for such situations). If in doubt, ask!;
  3. Check the ingredients/contents: Read this part of the product to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients used. You do not want your skin to start itching or develop rashes when you use them. So read this important piece of information on the product packaging;
  4. Check the expiration/best before dates: Since toiletries may be made from chemicals and synthetic substances, they may not stay in their best shape (or texture, or smell, etc) after their expiration date. Make sure to check every such product. You do not want these products to cause adverse effects to your body when using them;
  5. Check the date of packaging/manufacturing: Not many people do this, and that’s why, this point deserves a special mention. A good rule of thumb is to not buy any toiletries that were packed/manufactured more than a month ago. This is because some ingredients in the toiletries may already start giving out fumes (or other chemical reactions) before the expiration date (may not be harmful, but why risk it?). So make sure you look for this information at all times.

Enjoy your shopping time, and thank you for reading!

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