5 things to know about while using public transportation

If you are relatively new to using public transportation, then you should read this list o’ 5 to know some points about public transport systems. If you have never used public transport, then read the list o’ 5 that lists information for new users of public transport here: http://goo.gl/aZSKP6 )

  1. Schedules/rules are for everyone: Often times, passengers who are running for a bus, and they say their bus take off from the bus station, they plead to the driver from the sidewalk to let them in. When the driver does not do that, they get angry at the driver. Did you know that the driver is not allowed to pull back to the bus station once he makes his way out? There are several reasons for that, ranging from observation of safety to respecting timetables so that other passengers along the way are not kept waiting for the bus;
  2. Your duty to maintain personal and communal hygiene: Even though public transport systems are cleaned regularly, it is your personal duty to ensure your own personal and communal hygiene for everyone’s benefit. If you are about to sneeze, ensure you cover your face and nose while doing so. If you have trash, then make sure you chuck it in bins provided;
  3. Be considerate of others: Loud volumes on headphones (or worse, listening to music/movies on devices on speaker) is a big no-no. Why? They disturb fellow passengers. They may not bring it to your attention for reasons of maintaining civility, but that does not mean you take undue advantage. Make sure you try your best to consider everyone on board, and not inconvenience anyone;
  4. Follow all rules and laws: If eating/drinking on board is not allowed, then obey that rule. Do not disobey that rule. A lot of regions have heavy penalties that are incurred by rule breaking passengers. Some public transport systems also have laws that allow these disobedient acts to go on your permanent records. You do not want that to happen;
  5. If you are able, then you should be caring: When you see elderly people, give them your seat(s). The same applies for when you see pregnant women, passengers with a lot of bags, passengers with a disability, etc. Also, if you are sitting on a bench-like seat supposed to be for 2 (or more than 2) passengers, then do not sit with your legs spread apart, or stretched out on the seat, or placing your bags on the seat. This is not nice, and a seat that can accommodate 2 (or more than 2) passengers should not be hogged by an inconsiderate passenger. It inconveniences fellow passengers, so be nice, and share such seats.

Bon voyage, and thank you for reading!

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