5 things to know before buying a laptop

A laptop today is becoming popular because of its mobility and performance utility. It can do a lot of stuff that smartphones/tablets cannot. Read through this list o’ 5 to know what those 5 points are that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure the brand is reputable: With cheap gadgets flooding the market, it becomes confusing sometimes to make a decision when you are out shopping for items. When buying a laptop, always ensure that the brand is reputable. That’s because non-reputable brands may have hidden malware (preinstalled, without your knowledge), no after sales service, no guarantee/warranty, etc;
  2. Size of laptop: If you have an assistant that carries around all your belongings (Hello, Mr/Ms Successful Person), then you can go in for the big-screened laptops with higher end specifications. But if that’s not the case, then settling on something that is light in weight and has smaller screen sizes will be better options for ease of portability;
  3. Know your usage: Would you be using your laptop for day to day activities like checking emails, browsing the internet, creating documents, etc? Then you may not need high-end technical specifications. But if you are going to do heavy-duty work (like designing, running complicated programs for work purposes, etc), then you may need high-end technical specifications. Usually, the seller you will be buying from will be able to answer your queries regarding specifications as per your usage;
  4. Guarantee/warranty/freebies: Because of intense competition, laptop manufacturers/resellers are giving away attractive freebies (read: headphones, laptop bags, etc). They also throw in extended warranties that covers almost all kinds of damages and malfunctions. So see what options you have available for yourself;
  5. After-sales service: This is important, because if your laptop stops working, you don’t want to go to an independent repair technician (they are very expensive in some countries). It is better if you have that option from the brand that you are buying (most reputed brands have service centres in big cities and towns). Some brands even provide you with a substitute laptop till they service your laptop, thus giving you an option to continue with your normal activities on a laptop.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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