5 points to keep in mind before an exam/test

Giving an exam sometime soon? Nervous? Excited? Afraid? You aren’t the only one. Read through this list o’ 5 to know about 5 things everyone should know before he/she goes for an exam.

  1. Exam is set according to what has been taught in the past: All exams/tests are based on what has been taught/shared to the exam/test attendees in the past. While there may be a few surprises to separate the brightest minds from the rest, most of the exam is set according to material taught/shared in the past. So calm down. It isn’t something new that you will mostly encounter;
  2. Passing is easy, most of the times: What is the biggest fear of exam/test attendees? That they will not clear the exam/test they have to appear for them. Believe this: passing is easy. Most exams/tests are set so that the majority of the students pass them. So since passing is easy, let that fear disappear from your mind;
  3. Do not stay hungry: If you are hungry before your exam, you are most likely to be uncomfortable during the exam (remember granny telling you that a hungry stomach does not let the mind work to its fullest capacity?). So make sure you are well-fed (to an optimal, comfortable level) before your exam;
  4. Revise only through important concepts/theories in the end: Turning page after page and going through everything right before the exam will cause nothing but panic in you (making you think there is so much to learn/study!). But don’t do that. Just revise through important concepts/theories right before the exam to maintain your mind’s calm and relaxed status;
  5. Know the time, date and venue: There is nothing worse than someone turning up late/early at an exam/test. Or worse, turning up on another day altogether or showing up at an entirely different venue. To make sure none of these things happen to you, know the details of the time, date and venue of your exam/test

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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