5 steps to ensure you leave work on time

Have some errand to run? Or do you have to leave work to attend some event/function after work? Whatever the reason(s), it would just be annoying if one cannot leave work on time when he/she needs to. Read through this list o’ 5 to know the 5 steps to ensure that you leave work on time.

  1. Prepare the day/week before: If you know when you will need to leave work early, then be prepared for it in advance (the previous day or the previous week, etc). What this preparation entails is that know exactly what you will be doing on that day (prepare a list o’ 5) detailing all important tasks to be completed for that day. This way, you will have a definite goal to reach till your day comes to an end;
  2. Arrive earlier than usual/required: Doing this will give you more time to finish your work, not causing any last minute stress because of pending work. Arrive early to do just that: ensure you are not held up towards the end of the day with pending/incomplete work;
  3. Request your boss/supervisor: You would be surprised to know that most supervisors/bosses would grant you your request of leaving work early on such days (provided all work is complete and you are on good terms at work). Just making a request may work wonders too, and you wouldn’t have to worry about steps 4 and 5 then!;
  4. Take someone’s help: Let some trusted co-worker(s) know your desire to leave early. Delegate some work to them, and ask them to receive some of your calls for the day so that you don’t have an extra workload by the end of the day. Of course you would be obligated to that person(s), but you will surely be relieved for once to receive some help to complete your work;
  5. Take fewer breaks: One big reason that people end up staying later than normal at the office is because they take a lot of breaks during the day. They could be for smoking, eating, freshening up, etc. While some breaks just cannot be avoided, try to avoid those that are menial (you just trying to while away your time till your shift ends). This way, you will have more time on your hands to complete all tasks for the day;

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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