5 steps to write an exam/test like the class topper

Dream of scoring the highest in your class? Think you know everything for the exam but still do not end up scoring the highest in the class, or getting exceptionally high grades? Read through this list o’ 5 to know what steps can you take to ensure that top spot in class.

  1. Keep it clean and neat: Nobody likes a mess, so why would you like to keep your exam/test paper messy and illegible? Make sure your paper from start to finish is clean and neat. No smudge marks, no eraser residue, no random doodles, etc will be a good idea to maintain the cleanliness in your test/exam;
  2. Underline important terms and headers: This will help the examiner to easily spot out important things in your answers and explanations. The more convenience you give to the examiner, the more relieved he will be when checking your exam/test, which may lead to an increased score total for you;
  3. Use different coloured pens/pencils for diagrams/illustrations: If you are allowed to use coloured pens (besides black and blue), then use them for your diagrams. A little colour in the midst of black/blue ink looks wonderful, increasing the look and feel of your answer sheet;
  4. Do not repeat/go round in circles: Do not try to assume that examiners are fools. Any senseless repetition, or any material where you are just going round in circles will not be appreciated by them. It just causes them to spend more time than necessary on your paper for some relevant/important point to give you some kind of grade on that paper;
  5. Keep it short and simple: From the points above, you will have realised that it is not the length of your answer(s) that matters. It is the quality of your answer(s) that gets you points. So even if your answer(s) are short and simple, but relevant and to the point, you will get more points than another student who would have written a lengthy answer/explanation.

Good luck with your exam(s), and thank you for reading!

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