5 things to keep in mind after buying a first car/new car

So you just purchased a new car. Congratulations! Getting your choice of car is the first part of the car ownership saga. But it does not end there. There are some that you have to be absolutely aware about after your car’s purchase. Read through this list 0’ 5 to know about those things.

  1. As good as new, for as long as possible: Remember the new car smell that you felt when you had just made your purchase? Well, to maintain that smell, you need to ensure a few things: no smoking/eating/drinking in the car, roll up the windows as often as you can (outside air/pollutants can make the car lose its new-car smell too), etc;
  2. Beautiful outside: Cleaning/washing your car on a daily basis (if you have the time and resources) is a good idea, but if not, you can still maintain your car to look great from the outside by getting it professionally cleaned at least once a month (or doing it the way the professionals do in your garage). Ensuring your car’s exterior looks great also brings in more money later if you plan to resell your car;
  3. Taking care of the engine: Get your car serviced every 6 months or every 5,000 kilometres. Some people prefer 10,000 kilometres, but that may be a long time before an issue in the engine gets spotted out. So get your car serviced through AUTHORISED service centres regularly to maintain your peace of mind along with the health of your car;
  4. Fuelling it up: Avoid fuelling your car with non-recommended type of fuel. If the car can only run on premium fuel (it will be told to you by your dealer), then only fill up your car with that premium fuel. This is because of 2 things: the recommended fuel type will keep your car in the pink of its health (engine health), and the second thing is that tomorrow, if something happens to your car because of the type of fuel used, then the service centre, the car company and the insurance company can deny to work on it (because you used non-recommended fuel type). You do not want to be in a situation where you are denied service because of that;
  5. Maintaining insurance and registration at all times: If you are caught with expired insurance or expired registration, then in some regions the fine for either/both of these offenses is very high. You do not want to pay any penalties that arise out of such offenses…

Drive safe, and thank you for reading!

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