5 things to keep in mind when buying your first car/new car

A lot of teenagers look forward to the day their parents will gift them a new car on the day they are legally allowed to drive. Then there are others who dream about getting their own car from their own money over time. Buying a car involves a few things that should be kept in mind. To know more, read through this list o’ 5.

  1. Know your type: Some people feel comfortable driving an SUV, whilst some prefer a hatchback. To each his/her own. If budget is not an issue, then knowing your car type is beneficial, because unlike apparels, cars cannot be returned once sold;
  2. Don’t buy the first option you come across: Cars are like an extension of the individual. So if you hop on to the first available option you come across, then it will be a complete waste of your resources. After knowing your car type, seek prospective dealers/companies that sell the type of car you are after;
  3. Find the reputation of your prospective brand and the dealer: Even though the car may be from the world’s best car company, if the dealer is not good enough, your car ownership experience can go downhill soon after the purchase. Ask around your social circle about the prospective car’s performance, and about the service given by the prospective dealer. You may even find honest (well, honest most of the time) reviews online on forums and review websites;
  4. Ongoing expenses: You do not want a car that will cost you more to keep on the road than to acquire. Check fuel economy (most car brands these days boldly give that information to differentiate them from the rest), check car maintenance costs (spare parts costs and availability, amongst other things), etc;
  5. After-sales service and repairs: Reputed car brands will usually have a systematic service plan included in the purchase price of the vehicle. If that is missing, then see how well organised is the after-sales service centre. This is usually the dealer’s responsibility, but if these two things are separate, then make sure that the service centre has enough resources for servicing your car if in case sales in your region increase and service appointments aren’t easy to come by when you need them most (a frequent occurring with affordable cars because of their high sales volumes).

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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