5 points to keep in mind when meeting someone of a high social standing or a person of high importance in your life/career

Meeting a celebrity sometime soon for an interview? Or meeting a member of a Royal Family? Or meeting a CEO/Chairman of a huge company? Or your company’s regional boss? And most of all, are you meeting a person of such high social standing or of high importance for the first time? Well, do not worry. Read through this list o’ 5 to know what you should keep in mind for such a meeting(s).

  1. Respect time: You may know that the person you are going to meet has another meeting before your scheduled meeting with him/her. Will that give you a valid excuse to be late? No. You respect the time he/she has given you, and make sure you make it to the meeting place on time, without thinking that the person(s) you are about to meet may be late;
  2. Do not overload on perfumes/deodorants/fragrances: You may think that putting on your most expensive perfume will impress this person(s) you are about to meet, so you spray like never before. This is wrong. A strong smell/fragrance of any kind will make the other person(s) uncomfortable and may lead to an awkward meeting. So keep it subtle, make sure you do not have body odour, and make sure you do not go overboard with perfumes/deodorants;
  3. Do not lean close during the meeting: People of high social standing enjoy their personal space, and any invasion of such space will result in an awkward moment. So make sure you keep safe distance whilst sitting in a formal or an informal setting (some meetings may be in a boardroom-like setting, whilst some may be in a cafe-like setting). Also, make sure you do not lean on the table, if there’s a table in front of you. Keeping yourself adrift of the table is usually a good idea;
  4. Maintain eye contact: The personality that you may be meeting could be very intimidating (happens to most when they are meeting their lifelong idols), but that shouldn’t give you an excuse to avoid eye contact. Maintain eye contact at all times with the other person(s). Why? Avoiding eye contact somewhat causes a lack of trust in the other person towards you. So if you have nothing to hide/fear, then maintain eye contact throughout the meeting;
  5. Always send a thank you note after the meeting: Sending across a thank you note tells the person that you genuinely appreciate the time they gave you. Time is the most precious commodity, and when someone gives you their time, you have to be extremely grateful for that. So, after the meeting, convey your gratitude to the person for his/her time by sending across an email, or leaving a note/message with the assistant, etc.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!


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