5 points to keep in mind when joining a gym for the 1st time (or rejoining after a long break)

So you have decided to get fit? Found a great gym near your home? Or have you planned to go back to the gym after a long break because of other life commitments? Well, read through this list o’ 5 to know about the 5 things you need to keep in mind when joining a gym for the 1st time (or rejoining after a long break).

  1. No one’s body shaming you at the gym: If you feel that existing members with great bodies are going to make you feel awkward when they are around (because you may not be comfortable in your own skin for whatever reasons), then this is not the truth. Fellow members at gyms are usually very supportive of each other. They are passionate about looking great, and are usually helpful to those aspiring to look great too. Many fellow members will come tell you what to do (always better to take the advice of professional trainers, though), or whether or not what you are doing is the right way, etc. So do not feel nervous about others present in the gym when you join it. They will be like your extended social circle, to say the least;
  2. Decide whether you will need personal trainers: Many gyms offer personal training services. Whilst some gyms are pushy about selling such services (because they are usually pricey), not all such services are a waste of money. Why? Everybody is different, correct? Now, the training regime that person A may need to get a well toned body may be different from a training regime that person B may need, correct? Whilst free advice is easily available on the internet, getting personalised regimes that suit your body type in the beginning might be a good idea. If you get a good idea about what your body can endure (or not endure) after a few weeks/months of personal training, then you can discontinue it. But if not, then signing up for a personal trainer might be the smart thing to do to avoid any complications later (like body injury, muscle tear, etc);
  3. Getting comfortable: Because training at a gym involves stressful workouts/exercises, make sure you are comfortable at all times. What does that mean? Buying workout gear that makes you feel completely comfortable. You do not want your body to focus on discomfort caused by shoddy workout gear, like wearing cheap sports t-shirts that cause irritation to your skin, or cheap shoes that do not have sufficient sole-cushioning to allow you to run comfortably on a treadmill. Buy good quality gear as per your budget, to ensure that your workout sessions are done with one focus and one focus alone: getting fit;
  4. Good nutrition: Workouts done without following good and healthy nutrition habits is no good. It will be like you trying to drive a car without fuel in it. And most professional trainers also opine that lack of good and healthy nutrition leads to excessive stress to the body, which does not lead to desired results, such as getting toned, etc. So ensure you follow an adequate nutrition plan as per your body’s requirements. Ask for professional help if you do not have an idea about good nutrition habits (most gyms have in-house nutritionists these days);
  5. Avoiding excess: Excess workouts are never an ideal option. Why? Your body needs rest too, just like everything else. If you overdo your workout sessions, it will result in a negative effect (body burnout because of excessive stress), which you may not be happy about in the future. Ensure you plan your workout sessions by giving your body adequate time to recover from the stress caused by such workouts.

Good luck with your training, and thank you for reading!

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