5 points to keep in mind before embarking on your new job

Landed yourself a new job recently? Congratulations! Now, before you start your new job, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Read through this list o’ 5 to understand what those 5 things are.

  1. Ready your wardrobe: If your workplace is a formal one (where you are expected to wear formal attire), then make sure you have some formal clothes in your wardrobe. If not, it will be a good idea to go shopping. Now, if funds are an issue, then borrowing some clothes temporarily from your friends/relatives will also be a good idea. If that’s not an option, then just be honest about it at your workplace, saying you do not have the money to buy formal clothes, and shall do so once your pay check is received. They will completely understand;
  2. Organise your schedule: You need to make sure that you are in tune with the schedule of your workplace. If it is a job that starts early in the morning, then go to sleep early, and wake up accordingly. If its a job that starts late and ends late, then change your sleeping schedule accordingly. But ensure that it is in tune with your work schedule, to avoid any complications;
  3. Try to connect with your office colleagues before you start on your new job: This is important, because this will help you ease into your workplace almost immediately when you start on your new job. If not, then getting comfortable with the environment, the people around you, etc may take some time. If you are nervous about meeting a lot of people in the first go, then meeting them beforehand (if given a chance to familiarise yourself with them) may be a good idea;
  4. Know your transportation options well in advance: You do not want to feel lost on the very first day of your job by not knowing how to get there. Make sure you know your route well in advance. And if you intend to use public transportation, it is a good idea to ensure that you keep sufficient time for any errors that you may end up making whilst switching buses/trains, etc. If your employer provides pickup/drop services for all employees, then you need not have to worry about this point!;
  5. Do not go overboard with makeup and perfumes: You do not want to start a sneeze-fest on your first day at work by wearing a lot of perfume/deodorant. Ensure that you keep it minimalistic. That goes for the makeup as well. Keep it simple and subtle in the beginning, if possible.

Good luck with your new job, and thank you for reading!

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