5 points to keep in mind before hiring carpentry services

Planning to get some furniture custom-made for your home? Most people would rather buy something off the shelf, but there are some that would love to have custom-made furniture for themselves. Read through this list o’ 5 to know 5 points that you need to keep in mind before hiring carpentry services for custom-made furniture.

  1. Know about his/her/their past work: Knowing what the carpenter/furniture maker has made in the past will be great for you. Why? Well, you would be able to see a few things from past work: quality of work, imagination/creativity (if you will need help with your idea), and expertise in the field. Most carpenters will have some portfolio of their past work to show you. So do not hesitate to ask about it;
  2. Hear his/her/their suggestions: This is an important step. You may ask why this is important. When such craftspersons giving out suggestions from their expertise/experience, you get to understand whether they are on the same page as you. You will be able to catch any differences in views/thoughts regarding your vision, or you and the craftsperson shall completely align in thoughts. This is only done when you allow the other side to speak, and give you suggestions;
  3. Quickness in giving a quotation: If the craftsperson gives you a quick quotation from thin air, then most probably, he or she is just looking to make a quick buck. Thorough experts will calculate number of hours that shall be required to finish the job, the cost of materials, if any extra help will be needed (which shall increase the costs), etc. A detailed quotation will usually give you a good idea about the deep thought the craftperson(s) have put into your desired vision;
  4. Place where work will take place: This is important to take note of, because if the work is going to be done on your premises, then the craftperson(s) shall need the right kind of environment to do their work. They will need uninterrupted electricity, loo facilities, water supply (some carpentry work requires water to be used), a place where they can let sawdust get around without worrying about you shouting at them (of course they will clean it up later, but there will be a small mess whilst the job’s being done), etc. So make sure that if you want the job to be carried out on your premises, adhere to their requirements. If they are going to work in their own workshop, then this point does not apply to you;
  5. Payment terms: Most craftsmen will need 50% payment upfront. This advance may or may not cover material costs (the advance could just be for their time/services). Clear this aspect out. Material costs will be borne by you as well. They may go get material on credit (depends on your compatibility with them), but if not, they will take money from you and only then go and fetch the goods. Once the job’s finished, they will be expected to clean up everything, after which, you will be expected to pay them their dues. Don’t think of bargaining at this point (yes, some do that) because that will just annoy them and they won’t offer you any discount(s), no matter how much you haggle.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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