5 steps to keep in mind to create compelling content

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? Or are you in the content industry (TV, radio, vlog, etc) where you are expected to communicate to others about something, anything? Well, then read through this list o’ 5 to know how to create compelling content for your audience.

  1. Keep it simple: Some people try to go overboard with their content, thinking the more stuff they include, the more will their audience love it. No, that’s not true. Why? Well, first, people do not have a lot of time on their hands whilst browsing the internet today. Browsing the internet is not always like reading a book (where one is going to be spending hours reading something in the same realm instead of browsing/jumping through several websites). So, keep it simple, to start with;
  2. Try and engage your audience: Why do some people feel sleepy during some seminars or lectures? It’s mostly because the person(s) holding these seminars/lectures are not engaging the audience with questions, conversations, anecdotes, etc. They (the lecturers/seminar speakers) would rather just let out everything they know about, and leave, without worrying whether their audience understood anything they had to convey. Is that fair to the audience? If the speaker(s) do not have any concern about the audience’s comprehension, why should the audience have any concern to hear what the speaker(s) has (have) to say? Think about it, till it makes sense to you…;
  3. Your question(s) may be someone else’s question too: Why do we Google when we are in doubt? We do it out of hope that someone has already answered that question online. If you have a question in mind, and it hasn’t been answered by anyone yet, then why don’t you take the lead and get answers yourself, and share it with the world? There is always someone out there who will have the same question(s) as you, and if you don’t find relevant answer(s), then that’s your cue for some compelling content from you;
  4. Good communication skills: For compelling content, it is very important that your communication skills are good. Whether you are trying to convey your thoughts vocally or through written content, any communication error(s) might turn your prospective audience away. And this does not just apply to English language skills; any language that you use to convey your thoughts, make sure you do it in a manner that can be understood well by your audience. Otherwise, you won’t see them again;
  5. Respect your audience: This is very important, because if you take your audience for granted, they will catch up on this and never return back. You do not want that. If you have time, read and respond to their comments, give them answers/solutions without any ulterior motives (read: avoid sharing affiliate links, because not everyone is looking to buy something at all times). Also, any malware/virus that is being shared from your site is a big no-no too.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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