5 steps to live in a foreign land without upsetting anyone (including yourself)

Decided to travel abroad? Or move to another country altogether? Are you nervous about whether you will be comfortable about living/travelling to another land? Read through this list o’ 5 to know how to live in a foreign country comfortably.

  1. Research in advance: You may be able to find information about some habits/customs in the foreign land you intend to travel/live in through online search engines, or better yet, from talking to people who have visited the place(s). If you have some information before you go to that place(s), you will be more prepared than you being completely taken by surprise (and then not knowing how to overcome such surprise). So, research in advance if you can;
  2. Keep an open mind: You may have grown up with certain habits that might seem normal to you, but it is not necessary that people all over the world share the same habits as your locality/city/region/country. Keep an open mind about other people’s peculiarities, knowing very well that everyone has the right to their own peculiar habits, and it is not your job to be judgmental about them;
  3. Embrace their culture: If you shield yourself from the culture of people in a foreign land, you will find it difficult to live their peacefully. Cultural nuances all exist for some reason(s), and you may not know about them, but that does not mean you have to shield yourself from it (unless they affect you adversely). The more open and embracing you are to the culture of the land, the more welcome you will be made to feel by the natives;
  4. Respect, respect, respect: This rule, whilst universal, greatly applies to those travelling to foreign lands. The more respectful you are to the locals, the more respect you shall be given. You have to be respectful to everyone, no matter who they are;
  5. Do not complain: Would you like it if someone came to your town/city/country/region and criticised the local customs and people? You surely wouldn’t. It is the same for that place as well where you intend to travel to/live in. You may not be happy about some local habits/customs, but that does not mean you should complain/criticise. If you have a solution(s) to jump over such local habits/customs that you don’t support/like, then you should constructively recommend them to the people who have authority to bring about a change. If not, then please, don’t complain much about foreign customs and habits;

Bon voyage, and thank you for reading!

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