List O’ 5 Most Attractive & Most Well-Made Knife Bars/Knife Mounts

1. totalElement Professional Magnetic Knife Bar


Want to de-clutter your cooking areas and work spaces? Here’s a sleek, safe, super-efficient way to organize and easily access your kitchen knives – as well as your tools in the garage, home office, work area, shed and laundry room. Check it out now on Amazon!


2.       +Sale+ 15 Inch Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder


Your home accessories or work tools will fasten quickly and securely to the magnetic bar but easily release when needed.
This spacious 15 inch magnetic knife holder can be used in the kitchen, workshop, office, or garage.
It is a practical and convenient way to store knives, cutlery, scissors, screw drivers, and other metal tools. Check it out now on Amazon!



3.       Magnetic Wooden Knife Bar Holder Strip


Jonathan Alden Co Magnetic Knife Bar keeps knives easily within reach while freeing up valuable counter space. The highest quality triple coated magnets are evenly spread across the bar balancing the magnetic pull strength with the weight of each knife providing a soft touch and release for everything between a paring knife to the heaviest clever. Check it out now on Amazon!

4.       12 Inch Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder with Multi Purpose Functionality as Knife Magnet


Kurouto Kitchenware is dedicated to crafting the highest quality professional equipment for you home and kitchen. The Kurouto Kitchenware 12 inch Walnut knife block is
made in the USA with 100% USA grown Walnut hardwood, and finished with an all natural food grade butcher block oil.Check it out now on Amazon!



5.       Eva Solo Wall Mount Knife Magnets


EVA Solo Knife magnets offer greater flexibility than most conventional knife magnets. You can install them on a wall close to where you use them, or display the knives like a sculpture. Each magnet is large enough to securely hold up to two knives or a full-sized cleaver. The magnets, enclosed in stainless steel with non-slip rubber fronts are easy to install with the enclosed mounting screws. Hand clean only. Check it out now on Amazon!

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