List O’ 5 Best (and uniquely designed) Table Alarm Clocks!

While alarm clocks may be going out of fashion with our multi-featured smartphones, some people still see them as a necessity for their bedside tables. Here, we have compiled a list of some well designed alarm clocks for you!

1. Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock

Travelwey has designed the simplest bedside alarm clock for your needs. The sweep second hand is completely silent, a plus for light sleepers. The setting of the time and alarm requires just a simple turn of a dial on the backside. The alarm is clear, audible and ascending so you will not fail to wake up. If the clock face has been exposed to bright sunlight throughout the day the luminous hands and digits will glow for up to 4 hours. Finally the clock is encased in a very hard, plastic casing able to withstand many drops, ideal if you travel a lot. Check it out now on Amazon!

2. ECVISION Handmade Round Silent table Snooze beech Wood Alarm Clock

ECVISION wooden clock will add a touch of contemporary rustic charm, made from genuine beech, the wood will continue to deepen with age and will develop a lovely polished sheen with the passing of time. The alarm ring is on gradually. Produced with natural material bringing you a healthy and fashionable low-carbon life, and number display is available at dark night. Check it out now on Amazon!

3. Equity 25655 Metal Quartz Alarm Clock

Brushed Silver Case. Easy to use. This product is manufactured in China. Bedside alarm clock with brushed silver case and glass lens. Vintage housing calls to mind 1940s-era designs. Ascending alarm grows progressively louder as you awake. Lighted dial for nighttime viewing; accurate quartz movement. Runs on a single AA battery (not included). Check it out now on Amazon!

4. Slash Vintage Retro Old Fashioned Alarm Clock

Metal frame exudes the classical atmosphere. “Non-Ticking”,a very low humm at night, so you do not need to worry about the constant ticking of regular clocks when you need some peace and quiet to concentrate on your work or enjoy a full night of undisturbed sleep.
Easy to use, easy to read, perfect for kids or seniors. Check it out now on Amazon!

5. RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4″ Display

Sometimes you just need something simple that’s easy to use. RCA has you covered, with a streamlined alarm clock offering snooze, a simple interface, a large 1.4-inch display that’s easy to see, and No Worry battery back-up that lets you rest easy too. Check it out now on Amazon!


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