5 Innovative & Uniquely Shaped Bread, Vegetable, Fruit, Cheese Cutters!

1. Sunday&May Rabbit Bear Flower Shape Bread Cutter 

(Link to Amazon)

These little bento food cutters are small, but they are bento cutters so they are supposed to be small. use 2 slices of bread to get the picture effect for the sandwiches. Check it out now on Amazon!

2. UpGoo Vegetable Cutter Shapes for Customizing Cookie, Fruit, Cheese

(Link to Amazon)

Super cute mini cutter can help you make interesting shapes easily, suit for meals, cake, biscuit, cookie, sushi, fruit, pudding, vegetable, butterfly noodle and more. Best for kid’s lunch boxes or for snacks, desserts and bento boxes. Perfectly designed for all kinds of occasions, such as: Birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby Shower, Fundraising and Classroom Projects. The cutter is made from high quality durable healthy stainless steel  Check it out now on Amazon!

3. Torune TOR-P-2817 Flower, Round, Star Shaped Bread Cutter Set with Animal Press 

(Link to Amazon)

Cut your bread to cute small shapes (star, round and flower), it also works with ham, cheese, cookie, or other similar thin sliced food or vegetable. This cutter set comes with 3 stamps that works very well to create designs like frog, bear, rabbit, on your sandwich. The animal standing part on the top makes it easy to hold and use. Check it out now on Amazon!

4. Kai FG5032 Chuboos Vegetable Cutter 

(Link to Amazon)

Children and adults alike will love the fun animal shapes you can create with the Chuboos Vegetable Cutters. Featuring six adorable creatures: a dog, cat, pig, elephant, penguin and dolphin, these fun little creatures make perfect vegetable cut-outs for kid’s snacks, or fun appetizers at your next function. Made of hard, durable plastic, simply press flat side with your palm and carrots, cucumbers, even lunch meats become cute critters you’ll find hard to resist.  Check it out now on Amazon!

5. CuteZCute Bento Ham Cheese Carrot Cutter 

(Link to Amazon)

14 pieces. This cutter set can create person, faces, octopus, tomato, tree (broccoli), fried ebi, egg and more. 12 pieces of cute cutters and 1 pick, 1 tweezers that helps take the cut-off food out of the cutter. Check it out now on Amazon!


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